From a Coffee Shop

Our church evolved from a group of people who gathered at a local coffee shop every Tuesday evening; a group of people who spoke from time to time about a new kind of church.  

With an Idea

Less Show...More Authenticity
Less Program...More Spontaneity
Less Celebrity...More Participation
Less Certainty...More Mystery
Less Comfort...More Tension

Responsible & Seamless...
"Faith" is a word that many people use...and, consequently, has a lot of different meanings.  We thought it would be useful to come up with some words that capture the kind of faith we want to cultivate in one another.  We came up with two:

"Responsible": a faith that carries responsibility... 
"Seamless": a faith that sees everything as God's...

To a Gallery

An art gallery fits our ethos.  We love the idea of helping to rebind Beauty & God.  Art & the Church.  

Read about our Gallery.  
See our Influences.
Hear our conversations.