Our Ethos


Every church cultivates its own distinctives and characteristics. These are usually felt more than spoken, and you usually feel them within the first five minutes of visiting.

At Beggars Table, we try to be intentional about our ethos. Although there’s a great chance when visiting us you’ll feel some distinctives we aren’t intentional about cultivating, we want to provide a description of the Seven Distinctives we intentionally embody and cultivate within our community:

Hearts (Not Spades). At Beggars Table we recognize the importance of imagination. We adopt CS Lewis’s famous quote, “the imagination is the organ of meaning”, and we work to cultivate our collective imagination.

Information isn’t bad or wrong…but we are first and foremost people with longings and desires. We believe living into this reality helps us find more points of connection with one another, with our common stories, and ultimately helps us develop an appreciation for creation and our essential co-redemptive role in it.

Exploring (Mud on Our Shoes) We value the journey more than the destination. We view conversion as an ongoing journey and pilgrimage rather than as a light-switch. We live into and share the beauty, immediacy, hardship, and meaning in each of our spiritual journeys.

Doubt is Faith (Not Certainty) We believe that not only is doubt ok, it’s a necessary ingredient to genuine faith. We don’t have to be answer machines to be in love with Jesus. Our ministries are not about information transfer. Rather, we focus on connecting our deepest longings with our brokenness with the risen presence of Christ.

Boutique Hospitality We value the neighborliness that comes through unique, creative, and intimate gatherings. We strive to offer a local and unique expression of the church. Beggars Table is not a reflection of any mass marketing, multi-campus initiative, or corporate growth strategy. We long for an experiential orientation.

Agenda-less Friendship We recognize the most meaningful experience we can have with one another is simply being with one another. We value meals and conversations. Sometimes we have an agenda…but all agendas beyond simply being together are communicated upfront and take a backseat to the valuable experience of knowing one another and sharing stories. We value friendships with no agenda.

Authenticity (Reality Over Illusion) We take life seriously and grapple with the complexity of fierce reality. Our spirituality is not escapist but engaging. We value truth telling and have a somewhat “hypersensitivity” to fake products, empty promises, and spirituality sold as kitsch. While recognizing that “authenticity” is only an affirmation that can be given by others, we hope it is how others experience and describe us.

Haunted We believe this world is full of the echoes of its creator. Truth is heard and felt all over and by everyone regardless of doctrinal beliefs. We feel and hear God’s truth in social justice, beauty and art, love and relationships, spirit and spirituality, and, of course, even in pain and suffering.