This body of work exists in the space between holding on and letting go. It is built on many, many little moments between artist, child, and material. In many ways, the work mirrors many feelings and concerns I come across as a mother raising four young children in our ever intense world. It is raw, unedited, and chaotic, yet can be orderly, simple, and soothing.

With growing concerns for the authenticity in our lives, I strive to create work that speaks to my experience and journey in seeking truth for our families, health, relationships, and connections. Motherhood has put these concerns on the forefront as I strive to create authentic relationships and experiences, increase the quality of our food and environment and develop an awareness in truth for everything we do.

Allowing my children in the studio has pushed me to let go of control, both in art and life, without forgoing the focus on what is truly most important. Children often, if not always, approach art making from an authentic place, free from preconceived notions and ideals. They paint how they feel, when they feel it, and with what they feel like. Further, there often isn’t much discussion about each mark or decision they make along the way. Children just do whatever they think needs to be done. Whether informed or motivated intuitively, kinesthetically or emotionally, children let simple measures influence and sustain their work.

Working directly with my children through art, I have learned to relax and let the work build upon itself. Decisions are not made with caution, but rather, subtle feelings, hunches, and intuition. I do not dwell on each mark, but rather let them surface organically and freely. This series is very much inspired by my children — the marks they make, the laissez-faire methodology to their approach in art making and their sense of freedom, within the protection of childhood, that allows them to make unrestricted choices before becoming stifled by expectation. I am creating in the head space of a child, where the stakes are low, the process is powerful and play is the focus.