ARTIST: Polly Alice McCann


Dwelling is a place we are protected. It happens with physical shelter, by being at home with who we are spiritually -- who we are called to be.  We dwell in God’s family, this upside down kingdom where the rules work backwards: the servant is the greatest, and the least of these are the most important.  Dwelling can also be another word for meditation and prayer. Don't we dwell in a word or with the word. We want to live in the knowledge of who we truly are. My creative process often involves sewing first. I guess sometimes I think of making art as tentmaking—I make a place to exist or focus.  My sewn and painted textiles and panels illustrate our human nature to piece together relationships, life, faith, but our efforts bring only imperfect results. Despite our humanness, the journey is beautiful. To create art is a healing process, however, art can bring healing and hope to the viewer as well: creates spaces for meditation; allows new layers of meaning to be brought to life in common symbols; and reenergizes our hopes; reminds us to celebrate our journey together.

POLLY ALICE is an author, artist, curator and speaker. Her art is a series of stories, experiences and artful experiments that she has stitched together to create a bold and beautiful body of work. She’s an artist who loves words and images and how they work together through symbols. Her work centers on themes of healing and being imperfectly mended. Her first book of poems, Kinlight, was published in 2017 and her art was recently published in Edge of Faith magazine. Her favorite thing is to tell stories, other people's, her own-- maybe yours. Visit her at New Thing Art Studio or