ARTIST: Adam Crowley

Artist Statement: Making artwork is, for me, a way of stepping back from the overwhelming aspects of contemporary life. It is way to work through problems, explore ideas, and mull over themes that cannot be expressed verbally. Ethereality, holy objects, and the idea of contemplation are used as jumping off points, while undercurrents of Mid-Westernism, anxiety, longing and the balance of order and chaos in our environment flow through the work. Everyday life creeps in, and is used with the same respect as more esoteric thoughts and ideas. Through all of this, I am trying to answer questions that can’t be written down.

I draw ideas from monasticism, penance, and asceticism. I also work on the impressions I draw from contemporary life, the absence of restraint, and questions directed toward the downfall of holy places, devotion to higher sources, what the void of these once revered parts of our lives looks like. I use early renaissance geometry to divide the canvas, giving order to the picture plane. I then subvert that order by manipulating the image, or lack there-of, using various techniques both culled from art history and from my own experimentation. Utilizing and examining these now archaic ideals that once held such high esteem allows me to pause and ponder the aspects of life now deemed unnecessary.

Overall, I want a certain quietude to exude from my work. Whether it be uneasy quietness, or serenity, or anxious waiting, or the aftermath of some cataclysm, I’m always looking for a sense of pause, like the moment when the words are right on the tip of one’s tongue, and everyone is waiting expectantly. If my work can give pause to someone, and draw them in quietly and allow them a space for contemplation, I have succeeded.