So, I know it may sound funny, but sometimes on a Sunday morning, I'll be cruising along...all excited with the conversation we're having...and forget to drive home a point I meant to make.  Forgive me!  I promise it's not for lack of preparation.  It's more because I lose myself in the moment of our dialogue.  

All that to say, I spent an extensive amount of time last Sunday reading through the bizarre Old Testament story of Abraham bargaining with God over sparing people's lives in Sodom and Gomorrah.  I repeatedly pointed out that this didn't mesh with the image of God I tend to carry around in my head all the time.  My image of God is a God who does what he wants...what he wills. And then we get a picture of Abraham having a conversation with God and actually talking him into things.  

Which is all good...but the subject of our Sunday conversation was prayer and how prayer is hard for some of us to actually do.  What I forgot to mention after spending so much time on this OT story, is that even though this image of God seems foreign to me...I like it.  

I have difficulty imagining a God I can talk into things...and I'm not sure I would ever publicly declare  that's who God is (feels too uncomfortable to go there) - but when I read this account from Genesis, I'm drawn to it.  It entices me to pray.  When God is portrayed as someone we really converse with...and can influence...and dialogue's compelling.  

And I actually get excited to pray.  

Take it for what you will.  I just wanted to mention this (seeing as how I didn't on Sunday...).